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Terms & Conditions

Before proceeding with downloading WappRazor app, please read the Terms & Conditions policy blow.

This policy is created to protect us (developers of the app and website) from any illegal activities which may occur with wrong and unallowed usage of this program.

By downloading WappRazor, you’re agreeing with the following conditions and to use it just for following purposes only:

  1. Parental Control or Monitoring Employees activity in goal to (1) protect your children from online bullying and (2) improve your company’s /employees security and safety.
  2. Recover access into your lost /hacked WhatsApp account.

It’s not allowed to use this software for goals such as:

  • Hack WhatsApp accounts of other people without their prior permission.
  • Monitor /spy messages of other WhatsApp users without their knowledge.

By doing so, you take all responsibility on your own and will be held any risks or legal actions in case they occur if got caught.

Download WappRazor App

Notice: Keep in mind that the old (previous version) “V1” will no longer work and updates for it has been closed.

So please download the new version by clicking the button below.

OS Operating Systems Supported:
– Android, iOS, Windows, macOS
(Jailbreak is not required for iOS device)

updated Latest Update: March 13th, 2024.
valid Status: Functional