We know how WhatsApp is useful to get in touch with your family, and how the app can also help a great deal with your work. We also understand how much time it can take from your life with the continuous flow of information going around the World Wide Web at all moments.

WappRazor is the best way to keep track of the people under your care. It is also a perfect tool to gain access to your account if you have lost your access to it by any chance. It can happen in unique scenarios: misplaced phone, change of numbers, when you upgrade your smart device, etc.

WappRazor aims at helping you keep your WhatsApp account safe by offering full control of the recovery procedure. You no longer need to wait for verification codes with it. You only need the smartphone with iOS or Android operating system to target its action. With WappRazor, you get state of the art decryption technology that can help you get a good look at the communication done by your employees. You can also check on your kids and see who they are interacting with. We have made the application available for Android, iOS, mac OS, and Windows.

We encourage you to use this utility wisely for its intended purpose. After all, we offer this technology to help you create a safer environment.