WappRazor is the application developed to help parents and employers to monitor WhatsApp contacts’ activity & messages of their children / employees.

The tool is also able to hack into a WhatsApp account in case if access to it has been lost due to phone number change or by losing a phone device.

WappRazor - WhatsApp Hack & Spy App

To proceed with using the tool, hit the button below to select your operating system and device.

WappRazor is available for desktop and mobile phone operating systems, including:
Android (.apk) / iOS (iPhone, iPad) / Microsoft Windows / macOS


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How the App Works?

WappRazor is made by highly skilled programmers and cybersecurity experts who are active in these skills since early nineties, and found vulnerabilities in thousands of popular websites, servers and software until today.

Like famous hackers’ quote says, “Nothing on internet is 100% secured”, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a multi-million worth company, there is always a possibility and a loophole which allows a hacker to break through.

Even Facebook is willing to pay a high reward to anyone who can find a vulnerability in their system’s code, and it happens every year that someone manage to find some, even though they are one of the most popular website in the world.

The same is with WhatsApp, who is also owned by Facebook.
We managed to find a vulnerability inside WhatsApp’s database where all users private information is stored. Even everything is encrypted by their security system, we still managed to develop a special decrypter program which is running on our private server unstoppable.

This decrypter is connected with our WappRazor by API, so when you use the app, it automatically drains user’s data depending on your entered information of a targeted WhatsApp account.

All process is fully encrypted from our side by our third-party software built for this, including connection as well, which is always under a VPN protection.

Everything is hosted on our private servers and set up to work automatically. So users only have to enter an information of their target (WhatsApp phone number) and click a button to start with hacking.

Our priority was to make this app as much user-friendly as possible, so it can be available to everyone.

Terms of Usage & Disclaimer

Since this software can easily be used for wrong purposes then for what it’s actually created for (parental control & employees monitoring) we are forced to make this terms & conditions policy to protect ourselves for any illegal activity which may occur with usage of WappRazor application.

This means, that it’s strictly prohibited to use WappRazor for any illegal activity, such is hacking or spying WhatsApp accounts of other people, without their knowledge. Doing so will be your own responsibility and we (developers) will not be responsible for any risks which may occur if users get caught for these actions.

Hire a Hacker Online

If WappRazor didn’t fulfill all your needs, you can always hire a professional to do all the hard work for you. Make sure to always put yourself under a high quality individual(s) who are skilled and trained for the job well.Check the official Instagram page where some other hack & spy apps can be found. There you’ll be able to find services of another hackers and cybersecurity specialists.